Over the years, we began to notice an increase in the number of young children with difficulties in fine and gross motor skills, as well as language delays. Infants today are known as "container babies." They are newborn babies or infants who spend too much time in a container, such as a car seat, stroller, rocker, or swing.  These forms of transportation and support that keep babies safe from accidents also restrict their movement and confine them to a very small space for playtime.  While it is believed that leaving a baby in the container keeps them protected and is often convenient for our busy lifestyles, this prolonged immobilization can actually lead to delays in developmental skills.

We were also noticing that the age at which children are exposed to screens was becoming younger and younger.  With our extensive experience in working with children from birth to age three, we understand that these are the critical years for developing motor, language, and social skills.  We are confident that our blog and research-based  activity cards will give you a head start on enhancing your baby's development.  

The Our First Year activity cards were developed by three therapists in order to provide parents, grandparents, babysitters, and other caregivers with some ideas on how to enhance playtime with their babies.  Each activity card contains useful ideas on how to use a variety of toys to maximize the child's development in the areas of fine motor skills, speech, language, and social skills.

Our First Year is comprised of three practicing pediatric therapists.  Our team includes Heather, a Speech-Language Pathologist who holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence, Donna, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Hollie, a Doctor of Occupational Therapy.