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April is Occupational Therapy Month!

child in garden
Enjoying the garden on a lovely spring day!

Are you stressed out about all of this digital learning? Or do you have your little one home with you and want to provide learning opportunities? In honor of OT (occupational therapy) month, we are keeping with the spirit and heart of OT by providing activities that will develop your little one’s independence and functional skills for life! Let’s throw away those conventional lessons and shift our teaching to incidental life skills. Take this time to promote independence with natural occurring roles around the house that effortlessly work to enhance visual perceptual skills, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and problem solving skills. Here are some ideas:

-Woodworking project

-Wash the windows

-Set the table

-Sort the silverware

-Organize the plastic container cabinet

-Make an obstacle course

-Go on a scavenger hunt

-Play hop scotch

-Play board games or cards

-Make the bed

-Unload the dishwasher

-Put away the dishes

-Fold the laundry

-Cook or bake


-Vacuum or sweep

-Put away toys

-Water plants


Let’s seize this opportunity to grow individually, and as a family, while enjoying time together without the pressure of a formal lesson. These activities not only sharpen your little one's fine motor skills, but they give them a sense of self-confidence and belonging. When children are given the chance to help out with the chores, they feel as though they have a place and purpose within the family unit.

Celebrating OT month is easy and's all in the bag!

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