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Child development: where to find credible information

Baby reading Good Night Moon
The OFY baby enjoying some quality time reading.

If you have children, you have no doubt searched the internet for home remedies for colds, pictures of various rashes, how to get your baby to sleep through the night, and many questions about your child's development. Unfortunately, not all websites are created equal when looking for answers about development.

We've all read those entertaining blogs written by parents, and the websites associated with various baby products, but is all of that information accurate? When checking to see if your child is on track with their milestones, the Our First Year team recommends the CDC website. This website provides parents with accurate and up-to-date information regarding their child's monthly development. There is also a milestone tracker app and a developmental milestone quiz.

Other reputable websites that provide parents with useful information regarding their child's development are the American Speech and Hearing Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. These sites also include developmental milestones checklists and the most recent research on child development. And let's not forget about the Our First Year website and blog; written by licensed and practicing speech-language pathologist, doctor of physical therapy, and doctor of occupational therapy.

Remember, any time you are questioning your child's development, please seek the medical advice of your family physician or pediatrician.

Being an informed parent is's all in the bag! For more ideas on maximizing your child's developmental potential, purchase an Our First Year infant backpack or Toddler Tote - complete with the developmental activity cards.

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