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My Baby Isn't Walking? Should I Be Concerned???

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Baby walking
Enjoy a walk in nature with your little one.

With the internet and social media available at our fingertips, we are inundated with information regarding a variety of topics, including child development. But how can you tell which information is from a reliable source? This is one of the many reasons why the Our First Year Team has developed this blog.

If you've ever been on Facebook or Instagram (and chances are, you have), you have most definitely seen parents posting adorable pictures of their children and singing their praises. "Johnny is only 8 months old and already walking." "Madison knows 168 sight words at two years old." "Justin potty-trained himself at 14 months." We're not saying that these statements cannot be true, but you shouldn't be comparing your child to other children. If you've read our last post regarding language development, you know that each child develops on their own timeline and there is a wide range of what is considered typical.

As for walking, contrary to popular belief, many babies are not walking by their first birthday. Most babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months, but are not "walking" until about 14-15 months. And some children are not walking until 16 months. So, when should parents start to worry?

With regular visits to the pediatrician (especially in that first year of life), your doctor should be screening for developmental delays. If your child is not meeting his/her developmental milestones on time, now is the time to talk with your pediatrician and seek out an evaluation with an occupational therapist and physical therapist to determine if your child needs treatment. Remember, early intervention is ALWAYS best.

For more information on developmental milestones, please peruse the previous OFY blogs, and the CDC website,

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