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Nesting cups, a much needed item in your baby's toy box

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This week we are discussing the not-so-novel baby toy, the nesting cups. Nesting cups have been a staple in the baby toy aisle for several decades and perhaps even longer. Despite their simple design, the nesting cups are one of the most versatile and useful baby/toddler toys you can buy for your little one.

When your baby is about 5-6 months old and sitting up, they are ready to begin playing with these cups. The nesting cups are the perfect size for baby's small hands. Baby will initially bang them together; that's the "cause and effect" piece that is so important for baby's development later on. With a little modeling, baby will be able to stack and figure out how the cups all fit together. Please hold off with providing too much help. Baby is working on their problem solving skills. Babies love a good challenge! Baby may also want to engage in some very early pretend play, like our OFY model. She likes to bring the cup to her mouth - working on those hand-eye coordination skills that will help her during mealtimes.

Nesting cups aren't only for babies. Toddlers and pre-school age children will enjoy filling the cups with a variety of items, dumping the cups, and categorizing them by color and size. As for elementary and middle-school students, those speed

stacking cup contests are pretty popular.

Check out the Our First Year activity card for more ideas on how to maximize the use of nesting cups with your baby. If you haven't purchased an Our First Year backpack, get yours today.

Toys with a's all in the bag!

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