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Parenting Your Babies, Your Most Important Role

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Parenting is important
We're all in the same boat when it comes to parenting.

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Congratulations! You are a parent! Hearing those words for the first time may make you feel happy, excited, intimidated, or downright terrified. Not to worry, we're all in the same boat, so to speak. In addition to feeling elated and enthusiastic to start this journey, it is normal to be feeling nervous and anxious. After all, you are now responsible for this little being who requires so much care.

You are embarking on the most important and difficult job of your life. Sure, there are endless benefits to this profession, but I'm not going to lie, it's hard! As parents, we are always second-guessing ourselves and wondering if what we are doing is right for our child. Many times, we don't listen to our instincts. We are inundated with parenting books, podcasts, parenting "experts" on television, impractical blogs (not this one, of course), and an immeasurable amount of parenting advice from family, friends, and acquaintances.

Firstly, give yourself a break and dismiss the guilt. There is no dress rehearsal for this role that you are taking on, nor is there a safety net for the precarious tightrope you are about to tip-toe across. You are parenting in front of a live studio audience, and your baby has front row seats and a VIP pass. But not to worry, you got this, and the Our First Year team is here to give you some insider information.

Put your phone down! Your baby does not care who is on social media at the moment. Your face is the most beautiful and interesting to baby right now. Turn the television off! You want your baby to fall in love with your voice without competition from background noise. You can declutter the house later! Your energy right now is best used in bonding with your child. I know, this can be difficult for those neat freaks (I am in recovery), but the benefits of playing and interacting with your child in the first few months of birth really are limitless.

Often times, the pressure of being the perfect parent gets the best of us. Working hard to get that perfect social media picture, crafting til the wee hours of the morning for your child's first birthday (only to not enjoy the moment as you are exhausted), flooding your child with random flashcards to ensure acceptance into the most prestigious of pre-schools, and overflowing their nursery with a myriad of toys and stuffed animals.

We've all been there and the Our First Year team is giving you permission to stop trying to be the perfect parent. We are all excellent parents in our own right. The transition from infant to toddler is a quick one. Take the time to play, talk, and engage with your baby. The other stuff can wait. Your child may even thank you one day. From the mouth of my ten-year-old: "My Dad is my hero because he gives me experiences." Your child does not remember the money you did or did not spend on him, he remembers the time you spent with him.

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