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The Baby Einstein Bendy Ball - a Toy with a Purpose

Infant with ball
Engage your child in play with the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Congratulations, you made it to the end of another week and your children have made it through the first couple of weeks of school (if you're in Georgia) or, for our northern friends, enjoying the final remaining days of summer. This week's Feature Fact Friday is all about the Bendy Ball.

The ball has been a longtime favorite toy of children for decades. It is the perfect toy, as it promotes joint attention (playing together), engagement, imagination, and don't forget about those motor skills.

The Our First Year Team chose the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball as one of the 8 developmental toys in our backpack for a variety of reasons. It is very attractive, with its colorful and smiley face of a caterpillar. The soft, flexible honeycomb design makes it easy for baby to grab and its diminutive size is just right for baby's hands. This unique design allows the ball to roll slightly, but not too far that baby would become frustrated.

you may find that your baby is having some difficulty holding the ball. It is likely too heavy for them, or they are not quite ready for it. Not to worry, you can help by holding the ball for baby or having baby grab it with both hands. After all, the goal is purposeful playtime with your baby.

For more tips on how to use the Bendy Ball, check out the activity cards that are included with each Our First Year backpack purchase. So...get on the ball and purchase yours today. It's all in the bag!

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