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The "Building Blocks" For Your Baby's Development

These soft and colorful blocks are the perfect size for small hands to grab.

Feature Fact Friday!

Go into any preschool classroom and I guarantee that you will find some variety of blocks. Blocks have been a longtime favorite of children, as well as adults, throughout the decades. Blocks are a great way to encourage both motor skills and communication. Blocks also provide endless opportunities for creative play and imagination, which is often an understated necessity in childhood.

So, how does one decide which blocks to purchase with such a variety at our disposal? Soft blocks, wooden blocks, plastic blocks, large blocks, small blocks, LEGO® ? Is your head spinning? Well, not to worry. The Our First Year team has picked out the most appropriate blocks for your baby.

After many hours of research and debate, the Infantino® Soft Blocks secured a spot in the Our First Year backpack. These blocks are safe for baby to bite, chew and drool all over and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth once playtime is over. The OFY team fell in love (as will your baby) with the bright colors, captivating illustrations, and the engaging textures. The Infantino® Soft Blocks are truly a playground for the senses. Baby will enjoy making noise by shaking and squeezing the blocks and parents and caretakers will revel in watching their child as they discover these new and exciting textures and sounds.

As your baby grows, they can learn to stack and throw the blocks. Be sure to "block out" some time to enjoy playtime with your baby. For more ideas on how to maximize your baby's developmental potential using the Soft Blocks, please refer to the activity cards that accompany the toys in the OFY backpack.

Your child is on their way to becoming a "Master Builder" and Our First Year has the's all in the bag!

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