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Tummy Time, a crucial activity for your baby's development

Baby and tummy-time
This baby is enjoying her tummy time with some of the toys from the OFY backpack.

Tummy time has been a buzz word for quite some time. But no matter how often the pediatrician tells parents that babies need to be on their tummies to play, they are just not getting enough tummy time. An article published by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), "Lack of Tummy Time Leads to Motor Delays in Infants, PTs Say", is saying just that. "Those physical therapists who saw an increase in motor delays said that the lack of tummy time, or the amount of time infants spend lying on their stomachs while awake, is the number one contributor to the escalation in cases" (motor delays).

Despite this article being 10 years old, it still holds true. Parents are using too many "baby containers" for extended periods of time and not allowing their infants adequate time to explore on their stomachs. According to researchers, "We have seen first-hand what the lack of tummy time can mean for a baby: developmental, cognitive, and organizational skills delays, eye-tracking problems, and behavioral issues, to name just some complications."

Fear not, parents, you can easily incorporate tummy time into your baby's busy schedule. Perhaps at first, put your baby on her tummy right after a diaper change. With as many diapers as you are changing per day, that should give your baby ample time on her tummy. You can also put a blanket on the floor with some of the cute toys from the OFY backpack and play with your baby while she is lying on her stomach. Remember, back to sleep, but tummy to play.

For more ideas on how to incorporate tummy time into your baby's day, see the Our First Year activity cards that accompany each toy in the backpack. Increasing tummy's all in the bag!

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